FloodSax 20 Litre Bag (Pack of 20)

(Pack of 20)

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Product details:

This innovative self-inflating flood defence system can be stored in a box and can be deployed in minutes to protect businesses or homes from flood water. The FloodSax consists of a semi-porous inner liner, which contains hundreds of absorbent crystals which absorb water to 90% capacity within 3 minutes during deployment, acting like sandbags to keep floods at bay.

  • FloodSax when deployed are designed so they mould into doorways to keep flood waters out
  • FloodSax can be placed down the toilet to contain overflow and dirty water
  • FloodSax absorb water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes
  • FloodSax are lightweight at just 0.2kg when dry
  • FloodSax expand evenly and can be expanded in water in the bath, a sink, a bucket or even the flood water prior to deployment
  • FloodSax are easy to store, an alternative to sandbags and will last for up to 5 years in storage
  • FloodSax are clean and self contained so are ideal for floods indoors as well as outside
  • FloodSax are biodegradable

Brand: FloodSax