Univet 5X3 Clear Lens Spectacle (5X3.03.33.00)

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Product details:

Normally the geometry of the spectacle is bound by the rigidity of the lens. The structure of the model 5X3 is realised with the exclusive FLD (Floating Lens Design) technology that allows to anchor the lens only to a single point of the frame, while ensuring extreme stability and total possibility of self-adaptation to the face.

Exclusive UDC coating, Lens with FLD (Floating Lens Design) technology, Frame engineered to cushion the contact points on the face, Extended 9 base wraparound lens provides extra coverage around the eyes, Ventilation system, The spectacle fits the face without adjustments.

Standard References EN166 EN170
Frame Marking Mod.5X3 U EN166 FT CE U EN 175 FT CE
Ocular/Flip-up Marking 2C-1.2 U 1 FT K N CE

Brand: Univet