Univet 6X3.00.00.00 Goggle Gun Metal/Green

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Product details:

Product details:

  • Univet Research and Development department designed 6X3 goggle with the intention of combining a higher level of protection and an innovative style.
  • Equipped with a panoramic lens, it offers excellent peripheral vision and it can be used comfortably with any corrective eyewear.
  • The originality of 6X3 takes form in the design of the face support that ensures a proper seating for respiratory masks and half masks and in the use of the facial protection, that provides additional defence to the operator’s face.
  • Panoramic lens can be perfectly worn over prescription glasses.
  • Exclusive UDC coating possibility to quickly replace the lens with a special release.
  • Facial support compatible with half masks.
  • Additional facial protection.
  • Category III° PPE
  • Standard Reference EN166 EN170
  • Frame Marking U EN166 3 4 9 BT CE
  • Ocular/Flip-up Marking 2C-1.2 U 1 BT 9 K N CE


Brand: Univet