SM63 Oil-Only 120 Litre Spill Kit 2-Wheel Poly Bin

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Similar to the maintenance kit, but contains
extra strong oil pads and socks that absorb oil
and repel water. The kit contains 60 pads, 6
socks, 2 cushions and 4 bags with ties.

Oil-Only Spill Range
These products are always white in colour and
should only be used in the event of oil based
spills such as lubricants, fuels and even
vegetable oils. Using hydrophobic technology,
they only absorb oil and do not absorb water,
remaining buoyant even when saturated.
Spill Control
Introducing a large range of spill control
products that efficiently manage any industrial
liquid hazard. These products are now needed
to comply with health and safety regulations
and are your first line of defence against a
variety of spills.

BS 7959-1
BS 7959-2
BS 7959-3
BS 7959-1


Brand: Portwest